Redemption Schedule

I’ll be at cuddlesome and friendly SF con Redemption this coming weekend up in Coventry. Should you be around and about, here’s the panels I’m on…

Stargate – Gone and Forgotten?
3pm, Friday
Basically, why Stargate the TV series is dead good.

Imaginary Friends
7pm, Friday

Six, Harvey, Harvey, Hopkirk (Deceased) and more – what function do people who only one character and the audience can see serve?

Doing the Time Loop
10pm, Friday
Episodes which repeat. Episodes which repeat. Episodes which repeat. Episodes which repeat.

The Prisoner: What was it all about?
11am, Saturday
I have a theory, and it is mine. OK, probably some other people’s too.

Creativity Workshop
2pm, Saturday
I’ll be running my workshop on how to improve your creativity again.

What Makes a Great Villain?
Sunday, 6pm
Contrast and revelation. Probably.

So, if that lot’s not enough to keep me busy, I’ve also taken on the job of editing the newsletter, so if you want to help out, come see me!

(And if you want some stuff that’s not me, you can look at the full programme here (PDF).)

Tickets available on the door, should you fancy that little lot and find yourself free.


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