Those Panels In Full

So here’s what I’m down for at Redemption this year…

Friday 4pm – Spies in Science Fiction. There’s a surprisingly high crossover.

Friday 6pm – Artificial Intelligence. I actually did a degree in this, back in the day.

Saturday 2pm – Does listening to fans make a show better or worse? If you don’t see me after this panel, send a rescue party. Look for the mob with burning torches and pitchforks.

Saturday 11pm – Can video games tell good stories? And how does agency affect the way that stories work? May also include digressions into RPGs, Fighting Fantasy, and Choose Your Own Adventure

Sunday 6pm – Computers in SF More plotty than philosophical, I suspect.

Other than that I will – as usual – be watching other panels, wandering around with a pint in my hand, in the games room, or nattering in the bar.

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