Credit where it’s due

Alex Vega has just been brought to the surface as I write these words.

He’s the tenth man to have been raised from the mine where he and 32 others have been trapped almost 700 metres beneath the surface for the last 69 days.

No-one has ever been trapped underground for so long before and survived.

A few moments ago, the Chilean president came on television, thanking God for the rescue of these men. Others have also praised God for His help in this matter.

Sebastián Piñera was, of course, incorrect.

It was men who organised the operation.
Men who designed the equipment.
Men who drilled the shaft.
Men who worked day and night for the last two months.
Men who have saved the lives of these 33 people.


He’s just the fucker that dropped a mountain on those miners in the first place.

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  1. Just saw this, and can’t agree more. My thoughts exactly. But I’m perplexed at the apparently vital role that religious belief played in keeping them focused and motivated. Just as there are no atheists in foxholes…

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