Location, Location, Location

For the last few months, I’ve been part of the writing team for a new comedy sketch show known as Splendid.

The sketches going into the pilot have been selected, and it’s due to start filming next month.

But – it’s a pilot! And alas we cannot simply throw money at problems like, for example, finding somewhere to film this magnificent show.

So if you know of anywhere we can find some or all of the following for little or no money, leave a message in the comments.

  • House Interior (three different ones – the bigger the better)
  • Airplane Cockpit
  • Jungle – or a jungle-type location
  • Field with hills
  • Shed
  • Cave
  • Beach

You can find many more splendid things at the following places:



16 responses to “Location, Location, Location”

  1. I recall one comedian* got round a similar problem by having signs that said stuff like THIS IS THE JUNGLE — could that work?

    *Can’t remember his name but he looked old even when he was young and wrote a poem I had to learn off by heart at skool went something like “Ning Nang Nong where the cows go bong and the mice go doodle doo.” I want to call him Spike Lee but that’s that film director.

  2. You see, sir, not only did I answer your question before you asked (All Hail The Great Oracled One), but I answered with the true finesse of someone who knows the preposterous lengths of their own mind.

    These items do not exist in my shed, but at the bottom on my mango grove. You buffoon.

  3. I have a house (of moderate size) with a shed (two actually – although one’s very tiny) and I live quite close to the (pebbly) beach.

    Does that help?

    I’m fairly certain I saw some hills nearby too.

  4. Depending on what type of fields and hills you want, I may be able to help pinpoint one or two in Hertfordshire (previously seen in “Son of Rambow”). The only caves & beaches I know are in West Wales – but they are extremely good caves and beaches.

    Jungle: you want an arboretum or something. Perhaps Kew Gardens or something like Tropical World in Leeds but that’s a bit far. Could be the sort of thing you’re after though.

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