A mere 12 out of 30

I-Spot Guide to the worst films ever.

I honestly thought I’d get more than that.

Catwoman’s on the shelf at home. That’ll help.

9 responses to “A mere 12 out of 30”

  1. Merely seen. I possess three.

    Plan 9 I’ll defend the ownership of. Catwoman I haven’t watched yet. The Phantom Menace is… The Phantom Menace, I…


    I can’t actually justify that.

    And, Chip?

    No. Just… No.

  2. I’ve only actually seen four. Saw most of the others coming, and dodged out of the way.

    One of my four is WATERWORLD, though, which may be far from perfect but doesn’t deserve the hooting that goes on whenever it’s mentioned. That Kevin Reynolds knows how to chuck a camera around.

  3. Zardoz stars Sean Connery with a positively huge handlebar moustache and a giant floating head – what’s not to like?!

    Hmmm, yes – on reflection, it is rubbish.

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