Hitting them in the bottom line.

I think that at this point a boycott of Heinz products is in order.

Three months should be long enough in the first instance to send a message to their accountants and executives. After that, I’ll look at it again.

If you’re doing the same, you may also wish to send them an email to let them know what you’re doing and why.

Just so that they can be crystal fucking clear on why they’re losing your business.

One response to “Hitting them in the bottom line.”

  1. I posted about this yesterday, before Heinz cravenly capitulated. At that point, when the story was simply that the ASA had received 200 complaints, it felt like cause for a bit of eye-rolling. But, by their actions, Heinz have made it a bigger issue than they imagine. They could have brushed off the spurious and idiotic complaints, and the world would have gone about its business. Instead, they’ve given these cretins a veneer of credibility and shown, in the process, that their gay customers and employees don’t matter. Cowardice and short-sightedness abound at Heinz HQ.

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