…and breathe.

I’ve just spent twenty minutes restoring a script from its backup.

Which is really good, because for an hour or so there I thought I was going to have to type the whole thing in again. Which would not have made me a happy bunny.

If you don’t have a backup system in place, get one now. The moment of sheer heartstopping terror is bad enough when you do have copies somewhere else.

Robin has lots of useful information on this.

I use one of these.

Worth sixty quid of anyone’s money.

2 responses to “…and breathe.”

  1. I overwrote my PDF version of the script with a 10-page excerpt which I was going to send off to this years TAPS. So when I wanted the full version it wasn’t there any more.

    As soon as I realised my mistake, I went to the original .fdr file to re-save off the full version – only to find that for some reason the final changes hadn’t been saved to that. Only to the PDF. I must have made the last batch of changes and then just failed to hit the save button.

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