Single? Male? Thirties?

You should go to the cinema tonight, and then pop out to a local bar afterwards.


It’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel.

7 responses to “Single? Male? Thirties?”

  1. I’ve never understood the expression “shooting fish in a barrel”. I imagine it’d still be quite difficult. Maybe I’m imagining one of those big fat barrels that people fall into in cartoons. Still, for the sake of clarity, I would prefer something like, “shooting a cow in a barrel.”

  2. Surely a barrel large enough to hold a cow would cease to be a barrel?

    So the phrase should actually be: “Like shooting a cow in a vat.”

  3. Jason, I think your confusion comes from the lack of a proper plural for fish. If it was shooting *A* fish in a barrel, then it would be quite difficult. Shooting into a barrel full of fish, so full there’s no room for water, would be quite easy.

    Unless you had a really small bullet or were blind or the gun exploded in your face or something.

  4. Perhaps it’s actually a very small fish – an anchovy perhaps – placed into the barrel of your gun before firing.

    In which case even blindness and small bullets wouldn’t save our piscine pal.

  5. So it’s nothing to do with getting the lead singer from Marillion to sit in a barrel while you do some target practice then?


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