Strike no-news.

Well, the AMPTP and the WGA are sat back at the table now, and beginning their talks.

(That’s if I’ve calculated the time differential between here and LA correctly.)
(Said time differential is, of course, why I can’t do the buttons up on my jacket properly any more.)

There’s a news blackout at the moment to help both sides make a decent deal without all the shouting. Let’s hope they can come up with something that we can all think is reasonable.

I’m hopeful.

In the meantime, though, Writers’ Guilds throughout the world are holding a day of solidarity.

For me, that’s going to take the form of a public demonstration in London. Your local Writers’ Guild will have more information about demonstrations local to you.

And there’s swag, too.

So if you can make it, come along and show your support for the writers. I’ll be there. Say hi.

Lucy’s also organising something in Bournemouth if you’re closer to her than here.

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