Changing my newspaper preferences

I’m currently working my way through the BBC’s big ol’ report on impartiality, with the slightly clunky title of From Seesaw To Wagon Wheel.

Seventeen pages in, and a particular phrase caught my eye.

“The Independent has replaced news with attitude on its front page.”

True. And that’s why I don’t buy it any more.

And as for the bloody new-look Independent on Sunday… I despair. I really do.

Damn you, the whole point of a Sunday Paper is to share it with whoever’s in the house. To get a leisurely overview and analysis of the weeks news. Not to graze on quick-bite-nugget-news-snacks. I get those off the Internet already.

Now I’m going to have to start buying the bloody Observer. And I don’t like that. But I don’t like it less than I don’t like the new-look Sindie.

Bastards. You’ve taken away my favourite paper.

3 responses to “Changing my newspaper preferences”

  1. The new look is funny as they have made a virtue out of necessity. They had to get rid of loads of staff and can’t afford to be a proper Sunday anymore.

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