Another good reason to join the Writers’ Guild

The UK Film Council have just re-launched 25 Words Or Less, their initiative to encourage the creation of high-concept commercially-viable British films.

To get in, you need the following:

  • A pitch line of 25 words or less outlining the story idea
  • A one page outline of the story idea and narrative structure
  • 10 pages of sample scenes from the proposed story

The prize? Ten grand to write a first draft. And a script editor thrown in. Not too shabby at all.

There’s one other restriction. You need to have an agent.

Or, and this is quite important, be a full member of The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.

To become a member of the WGGB, you need to have been paid for your writing. Then you get to pay the WGGB a hundred and fifty quid a year for the privilege of belonging.

More if you’re actually, you know, earning a living.

But as I’ve mentioned before, if you’re looking for a career in the industry, that’s a worthwhile price to pay.

So if you’ve ever sold writing professionally, join up here.

Because now joining the Guild isn’t just good for writers in general. It’s good specifically for you.

6 responses to “Another good reason to join the Writers’ Guild”

  1. I’m wondering what “sold something” actually means?

    A new story in a small local newspaper?

    An article published on the internet someone paid you £5 for?

    How do you prove it? There must me rules.

  2. The proof they ask for is a contract showing that you’ve been paid at or above standard Guild rates for your writing.

    So I don’t think the article on the Internet would be OK (not for a fiver, anyway), but the newspaper story might be.

  3. Just been looking on the guild site and there seem to be tightly bound areas that you must sell in to qualify (Video games, animation, theatre/musical theatre, radio, film and television).

    Where does that leave books, newspapers, magazines and the internet?

    The above list must be incomplete.

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