Sneaking in under the radar and just before the deadline

It’s William Gallagher with his targets of Sell A Novel and Sell A Drama To TV. One bottle per, as usual.

In other news: I got through to the next round of the Gumball 3000 competition. Looks like my opponents from the Scribosphere are Good Dog and Phill Barron. Fortunately there are three prizes, so I can afford to wish them both good luck…

EDIT: It seems that The Moviequill is in the race too… Good luck!

9 responses to “Sneaking in under the radar and just before the deadline”

  1. Good luck to all you guys (looks like I am the only Yank amongst us, and even that is a misnomer as I am Canadian born with a green card). Spending my holidays working on the treatment

  2. I have notes scribbled on envelopes, notes scribbled on computers, and notes scribbled on index cards.

    At some point within the next few days I need to turn that into your actual, what you might call, treatment.

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