Phat l00t from the corpses of the dead

So, apparently there’s going to be a Firefly MMO.

Well, it could work, and work well. There’s a passionate fanbase, and they “hope to get input from series creator Joss Whedon.”

The Firefly ‘verse has several well-defined areas and a great many more unexplored corners. The potential’s there.

But is it gonna fly?

You’ll note that “hope to get input from Joss Whedon” doesn’t equal “will have input from Joss Whedon”. And frankly, given that Firefly is something that Joss is truly passionate about you would think they would have talked to him by this point.

At the moment, this is nothing more than a press release. An announcement that someone has the rights. No named developers, no track records. At the moment it’s just a sliver of hope that could go well or badly.

Now, perhaps I’m misinterpreting here – and do feel free to set the record straight if you know more than I do – but this reads a little like the following:

“We are pleased to announce that we’ve bought a young baby from someone who wasn’t able to bring up the child herself. We’re going to ask the birth mother if she’d like to wish us well raising her child. That we own. And if she doesn’t like the way we’re bringing up her child she can go fish.”

Because if Joss was involved, ya think it would’ve been on the press release.

So either this is an extremely badly drafted press-release, or you’re gonna be buying someone else’s baby.

If it’s pretty and has blue eyes, you may not have a problem with that.

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