Target Practice

While out on Saturday with UK screenbloggers, I made a promise which may seem somewhat foolhardy.

I asked each of them what their target for next year was, and promised a bottle of Sainsbury’s own brand champagne if they achieved it. (Not such a bad prize – apparently it beats all of the more expensive champagnes in a blind taste test.)

So, for the record, here’s what they need to do to win.

Lee Thomson

4 x completed 1 hour TV Drama. One bottle per.

Christine Patton

2 x feature films completed and sent to production companies. One bottle per.


A 6-part TV series commissioned. (1 bottle)
To be the script editor or writer on a film that begins principal photography in 2007. (1 bottle)

Optimistic Reader

A first draft of a feature film. (1 bottle)
Win or place in a competition with a short film script. (1 bottle)
Writer on a completed short film (1 bottle)

What about me?

Well, Optimistic Reader has kindly put up for my target, which is to have a completed short film which I’ve both written and directed.

I was after an easier target, but she insisted on both.

Ha. Champagne’s as good as mine.

3 responses to “Target Practice”

  1. I can’t help thinking Lucy’s first goal is unecessarily difficult compared to all the others. I suspect she knows something you don’t.

    Piers, you should just pop out with your mobile and film a ten second film. Job done, drink yourself stupid.

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