And Kirk is, like, an Ocelot or something

I always liked to think of myself as a fairly tolerant man, but I suppose that it had to happen eventually.

I have found my personal squick line.

I have met and enjoyed the company of many people who happily describe themselves as being furry. If they enjoy the adventures of, or the lifestyles of, anthropomorphic animals, who am I to say them nay? Just because it is Not My Thing does not stop it from being a valid lifestyle choice.

I even believe that some of the more spiritual furs possess a strong case for being inheritors of the lost western shamanic traditions as espoused by Professor Brian Bates.

In addition to which, what consenting adults get up to with other consenting adults is none of your damned business. Or mine.


Yesterday, I saw the edge of the map. The section marked: “Here be dragons”.

And I recoiled.

Perhaps I’m just not strong enough to face the awful truth.
So here I stand, and say “Thus far, and no further.”

I do not ever again wish to see the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler represented by anthropormorphic personages.

Dog-based, unless I miss my guess.

And that goes for all the rest of the Doctors too.
And Star Trek.
And Battlestar Galactica.
And EastEnders.

There is a reason why there is a bottom rung on the geek hierarchy.

I beg you not to stand there.

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