It’s the Arockalypse

Ah, Eurovision time again.

A little history:

Back in 1954, a consortium of Television Companies in Europe, the European Broadcasting Union, began to share their programmes across a Europe-wide network. At first by landline, later by satellite.

This network was named Eurovision.

As well as sharing plays, documentaries, and sports programmes across the network, the Eurovision Song Contest (as it’s now known) was launched in 1956 to find popular music from all members of the consortium. The contest has run every year since.

The European Broadcasting Union has now grown to 74 members, including Israel and Russia – which is why they’re entitled to enter the Song Contest despite not being in Europe.

Obviously with so many different cultures, the range of entries is quite wide, and it’s always a bit of a mystery who’ll win. Some have accused the Contest of churning out far too many sappy ballads.

There’s some truth to this.

But this year, oh this year, there was a clear winner from the get-go.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the well-deserved winners of Eurovision 2006: the Finnish Hard Rockers Lordi, with Rock Hallelujah.

Monsters who sing. What’s not to love?

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