UK Film Council giving away money

A few years ago, the UK Film Council used to run a scheme called 25 Words Or Less. The deal was, if you had an agent or were a member of the WGGB you could pitch a film to them, and if they liked it you got 10 grand to develop a first draft.


Unfortunately by the time I joined the WGGB the scheme was in abeyance. They only ran it one more time, and the deadline was at the same time as I was writing my test pieces for the BBC Drama Writers’ Academy. So I didn’t get in on that one either.

And now they’ve said there’s going to be no more 25 Words Or Less schemes.

No, stop, no need to cry. Here’s a tissue.

Because they’ve got a new scheme. And it’s a doozy.

It’s called the First Feature Film Development Programme, and it’s open to anyone who hasn’t had a film released in cinemas or broadcast on TV.

You need to send them the following:

  • A summary of the story
  • Why you want to write it
  • A treatment
  • Your CV
  • A writing sample

And if they like what they see, they’ll give you up to £25,000 for you to support yourself while you write the damn thing. You don’t need an agent, a producer, or a director to apply for this money. Just your own talent.

So why are you still hanging around here reading my blog?