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  • Blocked

    Three weeks isn’t a long rehearsal period by any stretch of the imagination, so we’re being very disciplined about it. The first week was for blocking – letting the actors know where and when they need to be on our stage. Then once they’ve got the mechanical aspects down, they can bring all their skill […]

  • Mastermind

    I’m immensely happy to be able to announce that I’ll be directing a play at this year’s World Science Fiction Convention in London. It’s called Mastermind. The masked villain known only as Mastermind has hidden a bomb somewhere in the city. When it goes off, it will kill hundreds of innocent people. It’s going to […]

  • A Dickens of a Christmas

    I’m pleased to be able to say that my adaptation of A Christmas Carol will be on again this year, this time in a production by the City Lit Rep Company. This is the third production of A Christmas Carol in four years, so I must’ve done something right. Oh, and you can buy the […]

  • The Just So Stories

    That’s Pau Amma, The Crab That Played With The Sea, as drawn for us by Hannah Broadway. If you look closely, you can see that he is taller than the smoke of three volcanoes! Tickets are now on sale for The Just So Stories at the King’s Head Theatre from December 15 2010 through to […]

  • Red Table

    So I’ve set up a theatre company. This has been rumbling on for a while now. M’brother Rafe and myself have had several successful productions already individually – Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol for me, Dark Tales, Kitty and Damnation, and The Duchess of Padua for him – and we wanted to do some […]

  • Revivalism

    My stage version of A Christmas Carol is being revived this year by Giant Olive at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre. It opens on the 7th December 2010 and runs through to the 15th January 2011. They’re already taking advance bookings, and you can get your tickets here. You might want to book sooner rather […]

  • Let’s Twist Again

    More good reviews and a healthy box office means that my adaptation of Oliver Twist has been extended until the 24th January 2010. Hoorah! Gin-and-water all round! Find more info and book your ticket here.

  • Dark Tales

    M’brother Rafe has just directed a play at the Lion & Unicorn theatre for me old muckers Giant Olive. Dark Tales tells the uncensored stories of Hans Christian Andersen. As you might expect from the title, it’s not for children. Reviews:The StageBritish Theatre Guideremotegoat You can buy tickets via ticketweb here. You know what? It’s […]

  • What the Dickens

    Ooh! It’s a shiny announcement! My adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol will be playing at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town this Christmas. Previews start on the 9th of December, while the show proper opens on the 16th December and runs through till January 3rd 2009. Good, eh? More information and […]