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  • Show me on the doll where the bad script touched you.

    Balls Out is a screenplay that does exactly what it says on the tin. You’ll love it or hate it. I think I can safely guarantee you won’t have a neutral opinion. The script did take a little while to go all the way with me, but once it got into a rhythm, it was […]

  • Dear John

    Paying a reader to give you notes on your script is like paying a prostitute to give you notes on your sexual technique. Yes, they’re a professional.Yes, they’re good at what they do.And yes, if you’re just starting out there’s a case to be made that advice from someone who’s been around the blocks a […]

  • State of Play

    Been a while since I mentioned what I’ve been working on recently… So here they are. Con Anon – Sitcom with Christine PattonDone, dusted, finito. Next thing is to start sending it out to radio producers with a note saying “We are teh funny”. Con Anon has only had one rejection. That’s because we’ve only […]