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  • Our First Broadsheet Review

    And it’s a good’un, too. Today’s Times has a short review in the Arts section for Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales. “My three-year-old […] also enjoyed the low-theatre approach of Red Table Theatre’s retelling of some of Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales (three stars, at the Pleasance, N1 – and strictly speaking for ages four […]

  • A Fairy Tale Christmas

    After taking The Just So Stories to the Edinburgh Festival this year, where we made a profit… (I’ll just let you take a moment to let that sink in. We made a profit. At Edinburgh. Yes, our shows really are that good.) …I’m pleased to be able to say that tickets are now on sale […]

  • Open Book Theatre

    M’brother Rafe and I will be talking at RADA next Saturday (9th July) about Open Book Theatre. The event’s being held under the auspices of the Directors Guild of Great Britain, with support from the Mackintosh Foundation. I believe that DGGB members get first dibs on the tickets, but that any spare ones will be […]

  • Open Book Theatre

    My little theatre company made the front page of The Stage this week. For those of you too far from a newsagent to pick up a copy for yourself, or who live in the future where paper is considered a barbaric relic of our savage past, you can also read the article online. As you’ll […]

  • Red Table

    So I’ve set up a theatre company. This has been rumbling on for a while now. M’brother Rafe and myself have had several successful productions already individually – Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol for me, Dark Tales, Kitty and Damnation, and The Duchess of Padua for him – and we wanted to do some […]

  • We want information. Information!

    M’brother Rafe and I are attempting to put on a play this Christmas. This will be the first production of our new theatre company. If we can make the figures work, it’ll be on in London as a late morning or early afternoon show in December/January this year. There are a lot of interesting things […]

  • Here Kitty Kitty

    After the success of his recent adaptation of the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, m’brother Rafe has now directed a new play, Kitty and Damnation by award-winning playwright Joseph Crilly. The show opens tonight and runs until 12th September 2009, Tuesday to Saturday at 7:30pm.You can buy tickets via ticketweb or on the door.