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  • The Memory Hole

    The last few times I’ve spoken with my dad about politics, we’ve talked about the politics of nationalisation vs privatisation. My feelings on this matter are that anything to do with infrastructure should be under the former; anything else, well, fill your boots. So he said: Give me an example of when nationalising something made […]

  • I didn’t think they’d want to keep him.

    A little over two years ago I wrote on this very blog that if Nick Clegg didn’t resign as LibDem leader before the 2015 election, the party would be destroyed as a political force in this country. Well, that worked out pretty much as expected. My other prediction in that short essay, though, was not […]

  • A short primer on the British Constitution as it pertains to the current situation

    There’s been a lot of talk recently about the current hung parliament. Unfortunately there’s been a lot of misinformation, even from political commentators, about the Constitution of the UK, and how that should resolve. So here’s a quick guide to the situation. You vote for a Member of Parliament You don’t vote for a party. […]

  • Radio Days

    Some time ago, I directed a radio play. I joined a Radio Theatre Group at work. Figured it would be fun and interesting. An email went round a while back saying “Here is an interesting play. Who wants to direct this?” and I thought: Why not. I’ve not directed anything before. So I volunteered. In […]