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  • Happy Birthday, Chuck

    This year is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. Now I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Charles. As well as being an absolutely brilliant writer, he helped me to get my start in the business. The first theatre play I wrote that was professionally performed was an adaptation of […]

  • Nancy, BTW, is not a prostitute.

    At least, not in the way that we understand the word. During my research for Oliver Twist, I came across something that gave me pause. To wit, that Nancy is often referred to in reviews and literary criticism as being a prostitute. Thing is, though, I read the book several times. And I was buggered […]

  • Let’s Twist Again

    More good reviews and a healthy box office means that my adaptation of Oliver Twist has been extended until the 24th January 2010. Hoorah! Gin-and-water all round! Find more info and book your ticket here.

  • Buy now, while stocks last!

    So I’ve adapted Dickens again. This year’s Christmas show at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town is Oliver Twist. Already, more tickets have been sold before opening night than for any other show since Giant Olive moved in a year ago. And there’s still a fortnight before the show goes up. There’s a […]