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  • Win a copy of Outside In!

    So I was on Croydon Radio last Saturday, chatting away to the hosts of the From Croydon to Gallifrey podcast Janet and Steve about Outside In and Spaceships of Science Fiction. It was my very first radio interview. I got to plug my books and even choose some records for them to play. Seriously, I felt like a […]

  • Letters From America: Funny Man

    originally posted 4th March 2004— Stand up comedy occurred last night. It seemed to go down well, though it’s difficult to tell when you’re actually performing. I got laughs, and was told that it was excellent for a first timer, so it’s all downhill from here. I have one definite gig next week, then I’ll […]

  • TAPS

    As far as I can tell I’m the third blogger to go on a TAPS Continuing Drama course, following in the steps of Lucy in 2006 and David in 2007. Perhaps they only let one of us in each year lest we contaminate the other talent and they all start blogging too. Anyhow, here’s what […]

  • Short Films – Lessons Learned

    I made a short film, Fatal. The absolute best thing about making a film is that you learn what not to do next time. So in the spirit of saving you some trouble when you make your first short film, here’s a few things I learned. Have a suitable script I knew that the film […]

  • Radio Days

    Some time ago, I directed a radio play. I joined a Radio Theatre Group at work. Figured it would be fun and interesting. An email went round a while back saying “Here is an interesting play. Who wants to direct this?” and I thought: Why not. I’ve not directed anything before. So I volunteered. In […]