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  • Resolute

    A lot of people are using the start of the new year to set goals for themselves. Many are publishing these goals on their blogs. This is fine and good. Stating a goal publicly gives you a real incentive to finish. But there’s a worrying trend I’ve noticed in a lot of these goals. I’ll […]

  • Let’s Twist Again

    More good reviews and a healthy box office means that my adaptation of Oliver Twist has been extended until the 24th January 2010. Hoorah! Gin-and-water all round! Find more info and book your ticket here.

  • Buy now, while stocks last!

    So I’ve adapted Dickens again. This year’s Christmas show at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town is Oliver Twist. Already, more tickets have been sold before opening night than for any other show since Giant Olive moved in a year ago. And there’s still a fortnight before the show goes up. There’s a […]

  • What the Dickens

    Ooh! It’s a shiny announcement! My adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol will be playing at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town this Christmas. Previews start on the 9th of December, while the show proper opens on the 16th December and runs through till January 3rd 2009. Good, eh? More information and […]

  • Ah well.

    Just received news from the beeb; I’ve not made it through to the final round of the Drama Writers’ Academy. Which is a shame. Never mind. Onward! EDIT: Paul Campbell has though. Send some good wishes his way.

  • This is the neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeews.

    I’m through to the next round of the BBC Drama Writers’ Academy.

  • State of Play

    Been a while since I mentioned what I’ve been working on recently… So here they are. Con Anon – Sitcom with Christine PattonDone, dusted, finito. Next thing is to start sending it out to radio producers with a note saying “We are teh funny”. Con Anon has only had one rejection. That’s because we’ve only […]