Direct to DVD

It seems that Babylon 5 creator Joe Straczynski will be making some D2DVD stories set in the B5 Universe.

Aint It Cool and Jan report on the announcement at Comic-Con.

Interestingly, neither Variety or The Hollywood Reporter have picked up on this story at the time of posting.

Some interesting points:

1) I listed Straczynski in the second tier of showrunners, those who couldn’t greenlight a D2DVD show on their own. Obviously that judgement was wrong.

The original prediction was made before the announcement of his huge spec sale to Imagine. Still, a bit of a boo-boo on my part.

2) The franchise already exists. Unlike my speculative D2DVD series, we already have pent-up demand for this – and figures to back it up. Specifically half-a-billion dollars in DVD sales. (source: the AICN report)

3) The commission is for 3 half-hours. Three half-hours plus extra features fits rather neatly on one DVD. You could even think of this as being three-pilots-in-one. So they’ve gone for a vanilla-releases model to see if the market will hold up.

Good choice.

A lot of people will be watching the progress of this with interest.

If the financial model works out, we can expect to see a lot more D2DVD series. My prediction, though, is that the other studios will wait and see how this does financially before committing to any D2DVD content themselves.