Enter. Enter. Zero. Stop.


I’m happy to be able (at last) to officially say that I’m one of the writers on 0110: Twisted Tales & Glorious.

It’s a new series that’s inspired by and touching the disturbing, the odd, and the strange. And it has a unique, fractal production, with individual short tales twisted together in many different ways.

The writing starts in the next few weeks, and the pilot will be filmed in early 2010. We’ll be keeping you informed of the process over on the 0110 website and, of course, on this here blog.

A new writer is being revealed each day this week, and announced so far have been Laurence Timms, Helen Smith, and Michelle Lipton.

I’d tell you who the others were, but then I’d have to kill me. You can find out the names of the other two writers tomorrow and Saturday as they’re revealed on producer Lara Greenway’s blog and the 0110 website.

There are some seriously talented people on board this project.

It’s going to be a blast.