About Piers

Hullo, and welcome to Piers Beckley’s website.

Piers is a full member of The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, was shortlisted for the BBC Drama Writers Academy 2007, and was a delegate on the TAPS Continuing Drama course (the equivalent scheme for ITV) in 2008.

You can watch his short film, Fatal, online as a QuickTime Movie or on YouTube.

He also directed Politics, a radio play by Katharine Way.

Piers has written video scripts for eHarmony, and created and storylined the ARG for the first season of Spooks. He has also written regularly for The Treason Show and NewsRevue.

His adaptation of A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, was performed in an extended run over Christmas 2008 at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre in London and received a four-star review from Time Out. A Christmas Carol was revived in 2010 at the Lion & Unicorn and in 2011 at City Lit.

A new adaptation of Oliver Twist opened on the 30th November 2009 and ran until January 2010.

Piers recently set up a theatre production company, Red Table Theatre, which, as well as coming home with several five-star reviews from its new adaptation of The Just So Stories at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe festival, actually made a profit there. The company also produced Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales at the Pleasance Theatre in London over Christmas 2012.

Current spec scripts:

The Big Bang Theory: The Simulation Interrogation
Sheldon has a new theory about the Universe, and Penny wants a pay rise.
The Simulation Interrogation 10pp

Dangerous Ground: From the Barrel of a Gun
Hour drama about a team of landmine-defusers in Africa.
From the Barrel of a Gun 10pp

Shadow Team: The Secrets I Keep
Consultants fight evil.
Shadow Team

Deliberately Untitled Feynman Biopic
The life of Richard Feynman.
Richard Feynman 10pp

Email me if you’d like to read a full script.