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Tagged by Helen. So here are five things about me which other people might think lame, but which make me who I am.

1) I cry at sad stories.

Including but not limited to Casualty last Saturday, and the sad song that Jessie sings in Toy Story 2 about how people grow up and grow apart from the things that they love as children.

Also and particularly, in one of the Doctor Who books. It’s called Happy Endings, and is written by Paul Cornell, who now writes for the TV series.

It’s the seventh Doctor. One of his companions (Bernice) is getting married, and the book is set at the wedding.

Despite various complications, she’s finally tied the knot and the Doctor (as is his wont), nips out back and heads toward the TARDIS, preparing to slip quietly away before anyone notices. Just an old man, preparing to travel the universe on his own. Pretending to himself that he doesn’t need anyone. That he’s fine on his own, and he’ll just quietly disappear.

And then Bernice appears and tells him to come back inside, where it’s warm, and he has friends that love him.

And he goes back inside.

And here I am, writing this, in an open plan office, crying. I don’t think anyone’s noticed. Shh.

2) I’ve recently started playing Dungeons and Dragons again.

And enjoying it.

3) I’ve just bought a new dictionary.

And I’ve been so excited about it that I’ve told everyone within nattering distance at both places I work how good it is. Several times.

Sixth Edition, baby, that’s where it’s at.

4) I like programming

It’s fun. Especially on Unix systems. But not C, because, frankly, pointers suck. Give me something a little more high-level to work with, eh?

5) I enjoy doing medium strength Cryptic Crosswords

Quixote in the Independent is good, as are many of the setters in the Sunday Times – though as they don’t credit their setters, you never know whether you’re going to get a good one or a bad one.

But I get really annoyed if the clues aren’t Ximenean.

I tag Loli, Christine, William, Jason again (because the holiday-taking slacker hasn’t got round to it yet), and Phill.

8 responses to “I’m It”

  1. I love dictionaries, but thesauruses are where it’s at, punk. Synonyms rule!

    I too cry at Jessie’s Toy Story 2 song so know your pain.

  2. I love C because it gives you all the rope you like, and if you hang yourself that’s your problem.

    Equally, I hate C because it gives you all the rope you like, and if you hang yourself…

  3. I like Roget too. Possibly because it reminds me of the old Fighting Fantasy novels I read as a child… if the word you choose is water turn to page 268, if the word is stream turn to page 153 (or something)… I haven’t got to the end and won yet!

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