You can’t take the sky from me

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve watched all of Firefly again. Plus the commentaries.

It’s still utterly brilliant.

(It’s a Western. In space. With horses and six-shooters. Get over it.)

And suddenly it seems that others have independently had the same urge at the same time. Like English Dave and Alex Epstein.

Is it something in the air?

So if you’ve had the urge to watch something classy but haven’t known what it was that you needed… Hie thee to Amazon and pick up the complete series.

You’ll thank me for it.

3 responses to “You can’t take the sky from me”

  1. Firefly is a great watch because 1) it was so good, and 2) it Jimmy Deaned or Jimi Hendrixed on us an died young, as it were…we’re left imagining how great it was/would be…

  2. Firefly is such a bitter/sweet pill for me. Sweet, because I think it’s fantastic; bitter because it’s a carbon copy of a the first TV series I wrote, the one thing I’ve been sitting on and tweaking for about twenty years now.

    It’s not identical, my lead character was called Hal, not Mal; but it’s all too damn close. Joss Whedon telepathically stole my ideas.

    My wife was in the states recently and she sent me a text from a DVD shop: “Do you want series 2 and 3 of Firefly?”

    ‘Eh? What? YES! YES!’

    ‘Oops, my mistake; it’s something called Felicity.’

    Honestly, you can’t do something that to a geek like me.

  3. Will – I think you’ve got a point about the short lifespan. See Ultraviolet for another show which is brilliant all the way through – but only had six episodes.

    Of which, more shortly.

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