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  • Letters from America: Coffee Mermaid Slut

    a series of occasional emails sent from Los Angeles in the pastoriginally posted 18 may 2004— So there I was in Starbucks the other day, drinking my coffee and thinking about nothing in particular, when I happened to glance at the logo on my cup. It’s a woman, with long hair covering her breasts. She’s […]

  • Letters From America: Dining by Candlelight

    an occasional series of emails sent from los angeles in the pastoriginally posted 10 May 2004— I generally eat at table. Apparently that’s quite unusual these days. I was raised to have dinner with the family. We would sit down and eat together at the end of the day, and talk about things. My day […]

  • Letters From America: Typical

    originally posted 6th May 2004— First, the good news: I’ve got a read. An agent has agreed to read my spec scripts. From a cold call. To say this is extremely lucky is to understate things by at least an order of magnitude. You don’t get reads from cold calls. You get reads from friends-of-friends, […]

  • Letters From America: Jobs for the boy

    originally posted 2nd May 2004— Well, my second spec script is finished. As with the first one, we’re having a table read in my apartment block next Sunday. A bunch of actors and writers will come over, sit around our ping-pong table, and read my words aloud. During this, I get to see where it […]

  • Letters from America: Words, words, words.

    originally posted 11th April 2004— So I attended the Game Developers Conference in San Jose a couple of weeks ago. We know a lot about engendering emotion through novels and films. While telling a story in a game uses different methods of presentation (via cut-scenes and in-game dialogue, for example), we don’t need new theories […]

  • Letters From America: Rubber, Drugs, and PVC

    originally posted 26th March 2004— So, here I am in San Jose for the rest of the week. The day before yesterday, I read a post on a screenwriting message board. It said “I have free tickets for the Game Designers Conference. Who wants some?” So I said yes, emailed Susannah to check that I […]

  • Letters From America: A good day, on the whole.

    originally posted 8th March 2004— Draft Zero of the Enterprise spec is finished. It’s not a First Draft. It’s not at that level yet. What it has, is enough words to fill fifty pages in screenplay format. Now that the final “Fade out.” has been typed, I’ve printed it out and read it end-to-end for […]

  • Letters From America: Funny Man

    originally posted 4th March 2004— Stand up comedy occurred last night. It seemed to go down well, though it’s difficult to tell when you’re actually performing. I got laughs, and was told that it was excellent for a first timer, so it’s all downhill from here. I have one definite gig next week, then I’ll […]

  • Letters From America: Welcome to the 21st Century

    originally sent on 24th February 2004— It’s finally happened. Today, my Robotic Housemaid arrived. OK, so unlike the robots we were promised in the 1950s it doesn’t do the dishes or make cocktails, but the Roomba is a fully-mechanised robot vacuum cleaner. It’s about the size of a large dinner plate, and approximately four inches […]

  • Letters From America: Good News For Comedy Fans

    originally sent on the 19th February, 2004the original URL now gives no information; replaced with the copy referenced at http://www.dibbukbox.com/— My name was not picked out of the hat this week. I shall return each weekuntil they damn well do. In the meantime, why not draw up a seat closer to the fire – yes […]