Tag: directing

  • Mastermind

    I’m immensely happy to be able to announce that I’ll be directing a play at this year’s World Science Fiction Convention in London. It’s called Mastermind. The masked villain known only as Mastermind has hidden a bomb somewhere in the city. When it goes off, it will kill hundreds of innocent people. It’s going to […]

  • Short Films – Lessons Learned

    I made a short film, Fatal. The absolute best thing about making a film is that you learn what not to do next time. So in the spirit of saving you some trouble when you make your first short film, here’s a few things I learned. Have a suitable script I knew that the film […]

  • Radio Days

    Some time ago, I directed a radio play. I joined a Radio Theatre Group at work. Figured it would be fun and interesting. An email went round a while back saying “Here is an interesting play. Who wants to direct this?” and I thought: Why not. I’ve not directed anything before. So I volunteered. In […]