Loncon 3 Schedule

Here’s my schedule for this year’s Worldcon in London, for  those as are interested in that sort of thing.


Friday, 15 August 3:30pm – 4:30pm

The play what I directed.

The masked villain known only as Mastermind has hidden a bomb somewhere in the city. When it goes off, it will kill hundreds of innocent people.

It’s going to explode within the next hour.

Reporter Liz Lassiter knows how dangerous Mastermind is. What she doesn’t know is if she and her boyfriend J.D. can escape the city in time.

But that might not matter any more either. Because J.D. thinks that he might know the location of the bomb, and how to defuse it.

Because J.D. thinks that he used to be Mastermind.

Cast and Crew details here.


Saturday, 16 August 3pm – 4:30pm

I’ll be signing copies of Cthulhu Lives! and Outside In, both of which will be available from the bookshop in the Dealers Room. Dealers Floor. Whatevs.

Cthulhu Lives! isn’t even officially released till the 26th, so you’d be getting your copy before anyone else in the world.

If you happen to have a copy of something else I’ve written and want that signed, feel free to bring it along. Spaceships of Science Fiction. The Actors’ Year Book. 

Hell, I’ll sign whatever you like. A printout of this blog? First edition of Grey Lensman? Sure!




Other than that I’ll be wandering around, in panels, or in the bar. Do please come up and say hello.